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  1st Battalion 33rd Armor 
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3rd AD and Gelnhausen in the Fulda Gap


"In late September (1955) it was announced that the 'Spearhead' Division would be deployed in the general area of Frankfurt, Germany, in May and June, 1956, to relieve the 4th Infantry Division. There it would become a part of the famous Seventh United States Army. Placed in the narrowest

portion of West Germany between the Rhine River and Soviet-dominated East Germany, the [3AD] would be astride the Fulda Gap, one of the most famous invasion routes between the upper Rhine Valley and East Central Germany during the last 1000 years of European history."

Book: 3rd Armored Division (Spearhead), April 1941 - November 1956, by PFC William R. Rock, 3rd Armored Division. (Darmstadt, Germany: Stars & Stripes Press, March 1957)

Source: Chapter 9: The "Spearhead" Reorganized: Destination Germany.


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